Christmas 1987 i received a gorgeous pair of red patent Mary Jane shoes.

That night, i slept in them.

As a child obsessed with fairy tales, myths and folk stories, the shoes felt like a key i needed to go over the rainbow into Oz. 

In hindsight, we are often in Oz, on that yellow brick road, with the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow and Toto, archetypal representations of our mind, body and spirit.

What is it about the stories we tell, the ones we share, the ones we remember and the ones that create us? 

As a Creatrix with a passionate curiosity regarding resymbolisation of self, every day magic, enduring myths, mystical forces within us and the environment and transformational storytelling, i am fascinated by how we create our lives and how in turn we are ever re-created by events, people, circumstances and the world.

How do we collaborate, co-create and share our selves and our changing world in an inclusive manner that allow expression and honour to our collective journeys?

How do we choose to perceive, grow, collaborate, co-create and establish the foundation for legacy?

Perhaps its this invitation to follow the mystery and surrender to the synergetic, cyclical, intimate connection with being, time, nature, birth, life and death that informs what I'm guided to be and do. 

Cyclical Journeys. Sensual Phenomenology. Psyche Transformation. Personal Myth Creating. Arcana. Alchemy and Embodiment.

Its all connected.